Painting and Decorating in Fulham

David Banks & Co has been painting and decorating in the Fulham area since 1974.
We have an excellent record of high quality work delivered to commercial and residential customers since David Banks founded the business in 1974. Our services include:
    • Interior preparation
    • Painting of all surfaces.
    • Preparation and hanging of wallpapers
    • Exterior repair and preparation
    • Repainting of houses and buildings


I started my business in Fulham in 1974.

Back then I lived in a ground floor flat in Gironde Road, just off Dawes Road. There was a basement which wasnt quite a basement in that the ceiling was very low and you had to stoop to walk in it. Thats where I set up my office.

The business grew quite quickly and it was clear the ‘basement’ hadn’t much future –not unless I wanted me and my painters to develop a permanent creak in the neck. So I found a premises at Number 20,  Filmer Road, between Dawes and Munster Road. It was a ground floor and basement and the rent was £ 10 per week. I signed a 7 year lease.

The premises had been a fishmongers and we had quite a lot of cleaning to do to make it occupiable.  The stench in the basement was impressive.  But we knocked it into shape and got underway. My company has been based there ever since. I’ve seen a lot of changes in Filmer Road over the last 37 years. Businesses have come and gone, and property prices have continued their relentless upward march.

When I first moved in the landlord wanted to sell the whole building. He offered it to me for £ 8,500.00 pounds!. That was a lot of money to a young man just starting in business with nothing in the bank and a new wife and son—so  I didn’t buy it.

I ‘ve kicked mnyself a few times since when I look at what the property is now worth!! Ah well, such is life.  I’ve been very happy in Filmer Road and have built up longstanding relationships with many of my neighbours there, businesses and private people alike.

We’ve done the painting and decorating for hundreds of Fulham houses and businesses in the last 34 years and I have to say that if I had the choice again of where to locate my business, I would choose Fulham and Filmer Road.

David Banks.

Very large end of terrace property in Paddington. All three elevations are being restored, repaired and redecorated.
Very large end of terrace property in Paddington. All three elevations are being restored, repaired and redecorated.


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